Reema Major15 years Old From Kansas City Story+Pics

 A multi-talented young lady, fifteen year old Reema Major has a bright future ahead.
First introduced to music at the age of 5 through her older cousin who used to rap, Reema has been around the mic her whole life. She moved to Kansas City at the age of 9 and spent a lot of her childhood there writing and rehearsing. Bay Area artists were a big influence in Kansas at the time, and she was mainly introduced to hip-hop through them. Eventhough she doesn’t listen to much of it now, Reema still manages to astound listeners with her delivery and lyrical abilities.
Moving to Toronto in 2009 facilitated a lot of things for the young artist. She was introduced to Kwajo Cinqo from Canada’s legendary hip-hop group Ghetto Concept, and her career took a toll for the better. Kwajo absolutely loved Reema. “From The Moment I met her I knew that she was destined to be a superstar,” Kwajo says. “I was very impressed by her confidence, swagger, and lyrical wordplay. I feel she is the hottest female in the game and she’s only 15!” Besides her skills on the mic and her glowing beauty, Reema has incredible work ethics. A studio enthusiast, she understands the amount of effort and work that goes into taking herself to the top. In one session she easily records 3-4 records, which she pens herself. Her writing ablities make her a sought after ghostwriter. “I want to go down as one of the best female rappers ever,” she says matter-of-fact. And she knows it’s not going to be an easy task.
Her sound is versatile, and it depicts her worldly outlook on life. At only fifteen years old, Reema speaks Arabic and Tribal Tongue (Sudan) as well as English. Her music is a reflection of her personal experiences and not those of others around her. As an artist, Reema has the potential to relate to a large fan base thanks to her vast cultural exposure. For the past three years she has also been taking acting classes both in the U.S. and Canada, preparing herself for a career in film also. Her style doesn’t fall behind of her music either. Reema is looked up to by a lot of young females her age for her impeccable fashion sense. Although she is young, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are her favourite stores to shop at any given day.
Working with G7 Universe as her home label, she has access to some of the best guidance and resources any label could offer. With a powerful team behind her, Reema Major is sure to break boundaries with her music. Her first single “Gucci Bag” was released to an online audience in October of 2009 introducing her to the public. Due to the large demand and positive feedback, Reema released her first mixtape “Youngest in Charge” in January 2010 to an online audience as well. The feedback was terrific. Her second street single “Arabic Princess” off her mixtape followed shortly and it has helped Reema break through a young audience. Both her singles are now available on iTunes. Currently she is working on her second mixtape entitled “I’m So Major”, which is due to come out in spring 2010. This CD will differ from her first mixtape as all the songs will be on original beats produced by Kwajo Cinqo, T-NYCE, Major Music, and the Fliptones. To maximize the fans’ visual experience, G7 will soon also be releasing short videos for Reema’s first two singles: “Gucci Bag” and “Arabic Princess” in spring 2010. This year, Reema is also working on several other projects outside of music, and is preparing to launch her own clothing line in the near future.
Reema Major has a big year ahead, and it’s all hers for the taking.

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