Suge Knight Was Not Arrested For The Murder Of Tupac Shakur (Story)

After 14 years, the LAPD has finally formally charged Marion Suge Knight, the former Deathrow Records CEO with the murder of late great rapper, Tupac Shakur. No word on what evidence they plan to present
The date flash across the screen that said Today is May 20, 2010
A video circulating on YouTube begins with footage from an Fox 11 News Los Angeles evening news broadcast. The TV anchor is well known to LA residents as evening news anchor. In the video, an interview is conducted about an “October” documentary regarding the death of Tupac Shakur.

Then, suddenly the video cuts to KTLA’s Morning News. If you look, you can even see the time stamp on the broadcast as shortly after 8 am PST. That KTLA news clip shows Knight being arrested. But the viewer is not told that the arrest is for a different matter unrelated to Shakur.

The video is a fake. Knight has not been arrested for the murder of Tupac.

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