8-Year-Old Wrestler Annihilates Competition [VIDEO]

As a kid, did you ever wish that you had superhuman strength to excel in sports? Ever wish that you could just judo flip someone? Well, for 8-year-old New York native Steve “Stevo” Poulin that is a reality.
At the mere age of eight-year-old, Poulin had been granted a national title in the wrestling arena, something that is not generally heard of at such a young age. But, with a 256-26 lifetime record, it is no wonder that they received such a momentous honor of All-Star Wrestling Champion. He also held the title of 2010 Brute National Champion. He continues to look forward in his wrestling career beyond that of an average 8-year-old and how he plans to progress himself professionally and athletically.

Poulin expressed in his interest, oddly enough, not in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting, but in attending the prestigious Cornell University where he hopes to wrestle under Coach Rob Koll.
Wow This Lil Kid GO He Going to end up hurting someone

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