Charlie Sheen 'New Web ventur? Who's Korner Are You In Sheen's Or Trolls' (Story)

This is something that Charlie Sheen, the rather visible star of the CBS sitcom "Two And a Half Men," seems to have grasped. Even though some question his motivations and even his health.
Earlier this week, Sheen took his mantra of success to Twitter, where he instantly became a prime Twitteratus. He managed to secure hundreds of thousands of followers in just a day. At the time of writing, he is almost up to 2 million.
For Sheen, though, this was just the beginning. Last night, he ventured into another web medium, livestream TV.
Using Twitter as his advertising medium, Sheen announced the debut of "Sheen's Korner," a 50-minute Ustream show that will become a regular event
He tweeted an explanation for this new Web venture and used excellent lawyerly logic
And if you're in his Korner, you experience something loosely associated with a talk show. It's rambling, it's full of Sheen's friends and associates, and it was reportedly watched, at its height, by 115,000 people.

Video streaming by Ustream

There are some who will believe that Sheen is taking to the Web in such an aggressive and pulsating manner because this is the only place he can currently make money. Perhaps he believes he can secure the same $10,000 per tweet that is allegedly commanded by such Twitter goddesses as Kim Kardashian.
Charlie Sheen and one of his girlfriends, Rachel Oberlin, appeared on Twitter brandishing two products: chocolate milk from Broguiere's Dairy and Naked Juice
Charlie Sheen may or may not be "winning," in life, but he has won a rare honor: the "Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers" Guinness World Record.
Guinness community manager Dan Barrett says the agency "just researched and approved" the record this morning. According to Barrett, Sheen reached that milestone in 25 hours and 17 minutes.
As of this writing, Sheen's Twitter account, @CharlieSheen, has more than 1.3 million followers. 

Guinness did not have a previous record for that category, Barrett says. Sheen also set a Guinness record for "Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode -- Current" at $1.25 million.
Sheen joined Twitter March 1. In a matter of minutes, Sheen acquired more than 60,000 followers and a Klout score of 57 -- without even tweeting. According to a report in Advertising Age, Sheen was able to get his account verified so quickly because Internet startup brokered his account with Twitter.
Sheen, of course, has been all over the news since he publicly disparaged Chuck Lorre, producer of Sheen's successful sitcom "Two and a Half Men" in a bizarre interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars last month. 

Charlie Sheen Unleashed: I'm Not Taking It Anymore!! 1/3

Since then, Sheen has been interviewed by various other high-profile outlets making equally odd statements. The public meltdown has made Sheen a continual trending topic on Twitter and the subject of several YouTube parodies.

For Guinness, this is the second high-profile application of the brand's records system to social media. Last month, the Nabisco cookie brand Oreo and rapper Lil Wayne squared off for the record for the most Facebook likes. Lil Wayne won that contest handily
Rapper Lil Wayne has broken the Guinness World Record for most Facebook likes on a single post in 24 hours — a record only too recently created and briefly held by Oreo.
Yesterday, Oreo attempted to set the record with a post to the brand’s Facebook Wall. The post read, “‘Like’ this post to join Oreo fans around the world in setting a Guinness World Record for most “Likes” to a post in 24 hours. Oreo is the world’s favorite cookie, and with your help, it will be the most ‘Liked.’”
Shortly after that post surfaced, Lil Wayne announced to the world that he was also going after the Guinness 

World Record for most Facebook likes in 24 hours.
At the end of the 24-hour period, Oreo had 114,619 likes; five hours later, when the rapper’s 24-hour period had expired, his post had 588,243 likes, easily trumping Oreo’s bid for the Guinness World Record. (Though the company was honored for its brief record in a Guinness ceremony this morning.)
Around 16.7 million Facebook users “like” Oreo’s page on the social network; Lil Wayne’s fanbase weighs in at 20 million Facebook users strong. However, the high level of engagement between Weezy and his fans tipped the balance in his favor.

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