Mel Gibson’s ex still plans to sue

Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva still plans to sue the embattled actor despite him striking a plea deal over a charge of misdemeanour battery, according to her lawyer.
The Russian singer accused the Lethal Weapon star of attacking her during a bust-up in January 2010 and the pair has been fighting through the courts for custody of their daughter Lucia after splitting last year.
Gibson struck a plea deal with Los Angeles prosecutors to keep him out of jail and on Friday was handed three years probation and ordered by a judge to undergo counselling. He also has to carry out 16 hours of community service and pay almost $600 in fines.
However, Grigorieva's lawyer Daniel Horowitz is adamant his client will continue to sue Gibson for battery, emotional distress and defamation, despite him being sentenced.
When asked by whether she would still file a lawsuit after the plea deal, Horowitz says, "Our position hasn't changed."

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