KCK Burglary Becomes Homicide(Update)

Kansas City, Kan., police said a 911 call about a burglary in progress at 3:26 p.m. brought them to a house at 11th Street and Ford Avenue. When they arrived they said they found a man in his 50s, a resident of the home, shot to death and no one else around.Neighbors gathered a block away from a newly remodeled house at the corner of 11th and Ford Friday evening in search of the latest information about the couple who lived there."They were always together," said neighbor Mayara Hernandez. "You would never see them separated. If they would go to the store, both of them would go to the store."Police wouldn't say if the man's wife was with him when he was shot and killed. They also wouldn't confirm whether anyone lived at the home with him.A man who lives a block to the south said there have been several recent burglaries in the area."We've been trying to watch out for each other around this way," said Nathan Bonwell, "but we haven't had any luck on anything."Police did not say who made the 911 call.Hernandez described the victim as "a really nice guy." She sad he and his wife started renting the place approximately two months ago, moving there from a larger home less than a mile away in an attempt to cut back on expenses.

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