Hawkers selling pirated CDs, DVDs are back! Story of RAYMOND MARTINEZ

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) under the Naupada Ward Committee had destroyed around 5,000 pirated CDs and DVDs that were being sold near the station area last month. However, a few of these sellers seem to be back and without an ounce of fear, are selling pirated CDs and DVDs again. More so, people are willing to buy them despite knowing that the activity is illegal.

On May 24, 2011, the TMC placed these pirated CDs and DVDs in an open space at Dadoji Konddev Stadium, crushed them with hammers after which they ran a road roller over the pile of counterfeit discs.

When asked about any future action that could be taken against such hawkers, Sandeep Malvi, the public relations officer (PRO) of TMC said, "The anti encroachment vehicle plies everyday at the station area to make routine checks and if we find any such hawkers selling pirated CDs and DVDs, action will surely be taken."

Contrary to the PRO's assurances, the situation near the station area seems to be otherwise. Hawkers are fearlessly selling pirated CDs and DVDs while people are also buying them. These hawkers are positioned at points which are taken most by pedestrians to catch their attention. Lured by low priced CDs and DVDs of latest songs, movies, software and games, people do not mind purchasing them at a cheaper rate compared to original ones.

A pedestrian requesting anonymity said, "People will buy if these hawkers sell CDs and DVDs at cheaper rates. Who will refrain from buying something at a low price when you get it at high prices in the market? The only way to stop people from buying such CDs and DVDs is by spreading some kind of awareness about piracy which is not practically possible. So, it should be the civic body that should not only make regular visits but also take strong action against such hawkers selling pirated CDs and DVDs."

The anti encroachment vehicle plies towards the area regularly. However, no follow up action seems to have taken place so far. 

I personally don't like buying Burnt DVDS they don't Look Good at all! 

Posted: 2:37 AM, January 23, 2010
Pushy, annoying CD vendors have gotten the hook in Midtown, with cops arresting 45 in the six weeks since one of them got into a deadly Times Square shootout with an officer.
The vendors have been charged with "aggressive solicitation," a misdemeanor. Most of the arrests have been in Times Square, although some have been as far east as Fifth Avenue.
Times Square denizens say the police sweep has evidently been enough to keep away the vendors who pose as rap artists and push their $10 CDs to intimidated tourists.
The hustlers are being "harassed by the police," said a man selling CDs yesterday from a table on West 46th Street near Seventh Avenue.
VEND OF THE LINE: These two pushy CD hawkers on West 45th Street yesterday are about all that's left in the area after a shootout prompted a cop crackdown.
Steven Hirsch
VEND OF THE LINE: These two pushy CD hawkers on West 45th Street yesterday are about all that's left in the area after a shootout prompted a cop crackdown.
Cops leave this vendor alone because he has a state tax stamp and he's not as aggressive. Selling CDs is deemed an activity covered by the First Amendment -- similar to vendors selling art or books.
People who work in the area say they have noticed the CD hustlers' disappearance.
"I heard they got everybody -- they all disappeared," said food vendor John Galanopoulos.
"I don't see anybody around. I think it's supposed to be this way. They weren't legit," said Galanopoulos.
Bullets rang out over Broadway on Dec. 10, when vendor Raymond Martinez, 25, was hustling CDs in front of the Minskoff Theatre. 

Marriott Marquis Times Square shooting: Cop kills armed street peddler in parking lot

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Bullets whizzed through Times Square Thursday when a street hustler armed with a fearsome MAC-10 lost a gunfight with a veteran cop as tourists and shoppers screamed and dove for cover.

A hotel driveway at the Crossroads of the World was transformed into a wild shooting gallery at 11:15 a.m., prompting sightseers to turn their cameras from the bright lights to the bloodshed on Broadway.
Killed in a burst of gunfire was Raymond Martinez, 25, of the Bronx, who just moments before the shooting was trying to rip off tourists with a street scam involving illegal DVDs and CDs, cops said.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said it was a miracle no innocent bystanders were caught in the crossfire that erupted in the most bustling part of the city. "We're lucky that ...the officer was prudent and no one else was in the immediate area," Kelly said.
In the aftermath of the violence, cops shuddered to think how much worse the incident could have been when they found a Virginia gun shop's business card on Martinez's body with an ominous handwritten note on the back.
After cops asked him for ID and a tax stamp, Martinez opened fire with a MAC-10-style submachine gun.
As passers-by ran for their lives, NYPD Sgt. Christopher Newsom fired back, killing Martinez.
I bet They Were Winning!
And that guy was tripping NY Wild B

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