F*ck You Heels! By Massimo Dogana

Massimo Dogana is an Italian shoe designer known for his flashy pieces for women. His latest series is his “Fuck You” shoes. Each with the words running along the platform heel, the three different pairs all feature a well-manicured hand giving the finger

There are two different styles: one pair of heels is an open-toe sandal, while the other is a bootie. The sandal’s straps are creatively designed as a hand with just the middle finger exposed, while the bootie blatantly has a graphic print of a raised middle finger. The Massimo Dogana FU Shoes are definitely for badass chicks.

 When Ashanti showed up at the BCBG Max Azria fashion show, she was wearing a pair of “F U” pumps by Massimo Dogana. The footwear worn by Ashanti have a woman’s hand giving the middle finger. And “F**k You!” is even written right on the shoes.

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