Kansas City man charged with killing mother-in-law

Jackson County prosecutors today accused a 27-year-old man of fatally shooting his mother-in-law during an argument Monday night.

Prosecutors charged Michael S. Tittone with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with the 11:40 p.m. shooting of Pamela J. Groves, 52, inside a home they shared in the 3500 block of St. John Avenue. Tittone remained in jail today.

Tittone told police he was working in the basement when Groves came home and started arguing with him. He said the argument “became heated,” according to police reports, so he went upstairs to the kitchen.

The argument continued in the kitchen and Tittone got his gun out, according to court records. Groves allegedly hit Tittone “in the throat,” according to police reports. Tittone said that when Groves allegedly tried to hit him again, he shot her in the abdomen. She collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Tittone unloaded his handgun, put it on the counter and waited for police.

The victim’s daughter, who is married to Tittone, and another person told police they were in an upstairs bedroom when they heard one gunshot from the kitchen area. They walked downstairs, saw Groves on the floor and heard Tittone say he had shot her, according to court records.

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