Kansas City: Young Man Gunned Down While Saving Kids

Samir Clark was doing just about everything right in life. He was an Eagle Scout, lifeguard, high school football star and soon-to-be college student. But over the weekend, his life came to a brutal end after he was gunned down by a stranger while helping to protect two young children.

Clark, 19, was at his cousin's apartment at Commington Avenue and NE 43rd Street in the Northland when an argument between two men ensued in the hallway.

"There's a knock on the door and the lady says, 'Let me, let my kids in,'" said Sonya Cherry, Clark's mother. Cherry said her son and his cousin then led at least four small children to a bathroom. "When (the cousin) came out, Clark was laying on the floor in his blood."

Kiki Cherry, Clark's sister, said the day before the shooting her brother was complaining about the violence in the inner city, telling her, "This is just senseless, I pray to God, I'm glad I'm going off to college to get out of this environment."

On Thursday, Clark's family and friends gathered at his grandmother's house at 40th and Agnes for a vigil.

Damon Paul, football coach at University Academy, says that Clark accomplished big things during his time at the small school.

"It's tragic because he was just a quality young man, just a diamond, and was going on to do great things to help Kansas City get back on track," said Paul. "He caught the winning touchdown and stopped a guy on the two-yard-line and preserved our first district championship."

But Paul says more important were the things that Clark did off the field.

"He was an Eagle Scout. They volunteered at the Salvation Army, hosted food can drives here at UA," said Paul.

Samir Clark, who spent the summer working two jobs and was set to leave for Tennessee State University on Friday, didn't even know the two small children he was trying to help, that doesn't surprise those who knew him.

"It's not that he took care of only his little nieces and nephews, but anybody's," said Sonya Cherry. "The 19 years that my son was here, he had a work to do and he touched a many people's hearts. So I think he fulfilled what God wanted him to fulfill."

Police are still searching for a suspect in the case. If you have any information, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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