Bill Stanton announces $100,000 reward in Lisa Irwin case

Bill Stanton, a New York-based security consultant for television networks, said Friday the reward to help find Lisa Irwin was coming from anonymous sources. He refused to provide details.

Lisa's parents reported her missing Oct. 4. They say she disappeared from her crib overnight as her mother and two brothers slept.

Stanton, who has refused to say who hired him to become involved in the case, said the logistics of how the reward fund would be administered haven't been determined.

A spokesman for Kansas City's TIPS Hotline, which has been fielding hundreds of calls on the case, said the Hotline hasn't been contacted about the reward.

Stanton says he is being careful not to impede with the police investigation and urges anyone with tips to contact the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS instead of trying to contact him.

Stanton said his attitude is “all hands on deck” when it comes to helping find Lisa safe, but hands off when it comes to getting in the way of investigators.

“I haven’t contacted them,” he said. “I haven’t asked them for any information. I don’t want any information.”

He says he is working as nothing more than a private citizen with a “slightly better skill set” and a “slightly larger network” of friends that might be able to help find Lisa.

“Some people may come here and think (they’re) Sherlock Holmes,” Stanton said. “I’m not one of them.”

That’s one of the reasons he says he brought in Randazzo, who he calls a “rock star” in her field.

“She’s not well-known,” Stanton said, “but in the law enforcement community, she is well-known and she is excellent at what she does.

Randazzo, a psychologist now working in the private sector, served for ten years with the U.S. Secret Service as the agency’s Chief Research Psychologist, according to her biography on .

It was not clear what her role will be in his investigation.

Stanton also addressed rumors that have been circulating since his arrival in Kansas City earlier this week.

He says a wealthy benefactor did indeed pay him to come help with the investigation, and no news agency, as some have speculated, was involved with the payment.

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