Police deny pressure to make arrest in missing baby case

An aunt of missing baby Lisa Irwin believes that the baby's mother will be arrested in connection with the case.

Ashley Irwin, the paternal aunt, told a national morning show that she believes Debbie Bradley will soon be arrested.

"They don't have any leads, so they have to pin it on somebody," said Ashley Irwin during an interview on a national morning show.

Kansas City police spokesman Capt. Steve Young denied her comments.

"We are under pressure to find a child. We are not under pressure to pin this on anybody or wrap it up or make an arrest," said Capt. Steve Young.

This claim comes Tuesday after the Clay County Prosecutor's Office served a grand jury subpoena on KCTV5 as part of the investigation into the disappearance of baby Lisa.

KCTV received the subpoena late Monday afternoon. Prosecutors asked KCTV5 for "all footage, including raw footage of any interviews or statements given by neighbors, family or friends of the family, regarding missing baby Lisa Irwin."

Lisa, who turned 11 months old Tuesday, was reported missing by her parents at 4 a.m. last Tuesday. Her mother said she checked on Lisa about 10:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3. Her father said he discovered his daughter missing when he came home from an overnight job about 4 a.m. Oct. 4.

Her parents say a kidnapper snatched Lisa from her crib inside the family's home in the 3600 block of North Lister Avenue in the Northland. Kansas City police issued an Amber Alert three hours later, which was later canceled. The parents say police seem to believe they are responsible for their daughter's disappearance, which they have denied.

Neighbors in the Northland neighborhood where baby Lisa was taken from her crib say they have been questioned by police about a homeless man seen in the neighborhood about two weeks ago.

It is one of many leads police are following up on.

Detectives continue questioning neighbors in the area including some who live on a busy street about three blocks from Irwin's home.

Detectives also spent hours in and around the Irwin home Monday searching around the house, outside bushes, back yard fence line and around the garage.

Investigators are also sorting through tips and community-wide rumors.

"We want all the tips we can get, and tips with actual information we can follow up on is the best. We know that the one right tip can really get this thing ahead of steam," said Young.

Investigators said they are doing everything they can to figure out where she is.

But they say they need the family's help and the community's help too.

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