Shots Fired During KC Police Chase

Shots were fired at Kansas City police officers during a pursuit Monday morning.The chase ended near 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue about 9:10 a.m., and two men were taken into custody.The back windshield of a black car that police had been pursuing was shot out.Kansas City police Sgt. Stacey Graves said police started following the car near 60th Street and Forest Avenue because it matched the description of a car in some recent burglaries.Graves said when the two in the car realized they were being followed, one man leaned out the window and fired shots at the officers. Officers returned fire, blowing out the car's back window.A woman told Robinson that she had just dropped off her 5-year-old grandson at a bus stop moments before hearing five gunshots and seeing cars flying down the street.Other witnesses told Robinson that they saw a black car with windows shot out and other bullet holes driving down Troost Avenue with about 15 police cars in pursuit.Police remain in the area of 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue. The intersection is closed as the investigation continues.

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