Beyonce’s Baby Bump Was Missing [VIDEO]

Beyonce pregnancy conspiracy theorists have been buzzing all weekend after seeing her perform on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” with The Roots on Friday night.
Somebody needs to show Beyonce the money, so she can show the world her growing baby bump! Her belly appeared to be flat, but it’s not because a fake baby bump deflated. Beyonce’s performance was reportedly filmed three months ago, even though it aired on a new show.
Take a look at Beyonce performing “Countdown” in the video below.
I don't think  she is pregnant at ALL.


Beyonce’s baby to be bathed in $5,200 crystal tub, courtesy of Kelly RowlandKelly Rowland bought her friend and Destiny’s Child band mate a $5,200 Swarovski-crystal-studded Baby Diamond Bathtub in anticipation of the baby, due in February with husband Jay-Z.

 Built by California-based interior designer Lori Gardner, the baby-sized, footed, porcelain tub is covered in 44,928 imported crystals that Gardner reportedly spends more than two months applying by hand, according to ABC News.

While Beyonce was gifted the pink version, the bling tub, weighing in at more than 3,000 pounds, is available in all the Swarovski colors. It can also be used for pets or as a beverage chiller for parties.



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