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While triple threat is a term usually associated with pop stars, it is also a term which perfectly describes Scram Jones. Boasting skills as a DJ, MC and, most notably, producer, Scram has solidified his place in the music industry with skills and undeniable talent. Born and raised in New Rochelle, NY, Scram began honing his musical talent at an early age. As a youngster, his love of music inspired him to play different instruments. He says, "I tried playing every instrument when I was growing up, from the violin to the trumpet, I tried them all".
Growing up, Scram remembers there was always a piano in his house where he would sit and work out his own melodies. Scram now plays the drums, keyboard and is currently learning guitar. He is also an amazing turntablist, djing all over the world showing his talent. Without the help of classes --- the crafts were amazingly all self taught. While Scram's passion for the turntables heated up, he also was romancing a career in rhyming as well as producing. Further convincing others (as well as himself) that he was respected in all three crafts, he started earning respect through accolades.

In 1999, he released his first record "Liquid Heat", gaining underground buzz. In 2000, he helped start the first weekly open mic show in NYC called End of the Weak where he would perform on stage weekly djing and mcing. In 2001, Scram won first place in a Tommy Hilfiger National Demo Contest and appeared in national ads promoting his music. In 2002, after reaching the finals of the Source battle Scram was awarded a coveted feature in The Source’s Unsigned Hype. Since then he has appeared in XXL, Vibe, and Scratch Magazine to name a few. 

In 2003, Scram won second place in the East Coast Finals of Guitar Center's DJ Battles. For three years straight after that (2004-2006) he was nominated for Best Mixtape Producer at the respected Justo Mixtape Awards. Although Scram loves all three talents, producing has proven to be his main vocation. His first break came through the rapper Tragedy Khadafi. After A&Ring and producing Tragedy's album "Still Reporting". Scram went on to produce Jae Millz first single "No, No, No" (which heated up the airwaves with a remix featuring Cam'Ron and T.I.), the Terror Squad single "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and the Black Rob single "Ready". He also produced Remy Ma's buzz single "Lights, Camera, Action".

Scram since then appeared on several platinum albums such as Lloyd Banks album "Hunger For More" ("Work Magic" feat. Young Buck), Biggie's Duets album ("Just a Memory" feat. Clipse) and most impressively Mariah Carey's multi-platinum album "The Emancipation of Mimi" (the most successful selling album of 2005 selling almost 10 million worldwide). Scram was nominated for a Grammy for his production on the album ("Your Girl") and proved that he could not only produce gritty hip hop tracks but also polished, soulful songs as well.

To add to Scram's variety, he has tapped into the Latin world of music, collaberating with Pharell Williams of the Neptunes on Latin artist Sergio Veneno's project, who he helped get signed to Star Trak-Interscope and is currently managing. As well as Veneno, Scram has performed and collaberated with the multi-platinum Latin group Aventura, who will also be appearing on Veneno's album.

Scram's goals now is to use his talents and experience and start his own label under his company Beast Music. He has just signed North Carolina artist Billionz and New York artist Haffa to Beast Music, and is working on his own solo album. He is also waiting to launch his Beast clothing line sometime next year. Scram’s production has appeared on multi-platinum albums and the artists he has worked with run the gamut from soulful pop to latin to pure hip hop -- proving his melodies and beats truly have variety. From Lloyd Banks and Saigon to Mariah Carey, his songs appeal to both underground and mainstream audiences.

He recently signed a lucrative publishing deal with Sony/ATV and has no plans of slowing down. He has finally established his reputation as a producer and cemented his place as the go-to man for hit records. For Scram, the best is yet to come.

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