Jon Stewart Blasts Senate Defense Bill That Would Allow Americans To Be Detained Indefinitely (VIDEO)

When a bill passes through Senate with a 93-7 vote, you wouldn't expect there to be a provision essentially eliminating due process. 

But that's what happened when the 2012 defense appropriations bill was passed this month, much to Jon Stewart's chagrin.
In a two-part segment on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart slammed the bill, which details expenses for our armed forces, for including a provision that would allow for anyone -- including Americans -- suspected of terrorism to be locked up indefinitely without a trial. You know, because the fourth amendment is more like a "suggestion."
"I could see how seven senators voters against it," Stewart joked. "I thought we'd have like nine, maybe a baker's dozen..."
And wait until you hear what being a terrorist suspect actually means in this bill's context in part two. Let's just say, having missing fingers, owning guns or having more than seven days' worth of food in your house can be counted as possible terrorist activity.
If this egregious provision weren't enough, Stewart was ready with some entertaining yet enraging C-SPAN footage of Senators passing the bill, which only took about 30 minutes and wasn't even a heated debate. John McCain (R-AZ) was for it, and gave the most "Jewish grandmother-iest" argument Stewart has ever heard, as was Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who seemed to be really pushing an al Qaeda vs. gangs analogy that Stewart just didn't get.
Watch the first part above and catch part two below, wherein Stewart also chastises President Obama for saying he'll veto the bill (for the wrong reasons) and discovers the President might even fall victim to the provision himself.
WATCH: Part two

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