Words Cross & Across: Word Search on LeBron James (Book)

For those who don’t know Dr. Eugene Williams is a local author and school teacher who has created a series of word search books using influential African Americans with the intentions to improve literacy throughout young America. He began making these books after realizing that the majority of his high school students did not know the meaning of words in the curriculum, how to spell them or use them in sentences. There have already been books made about Martin Luther King and Barack Obama and now there is one about LeBron James and has 94 pages with word puzzles, word charts and definitions. These books are not only for students but parents as well due to the face that they not only educate about word but give you a brief background on LeBron about his lifestyle and his dedication to basketball. 

Dr. Eugene Williams, one of the authors of Outstanding African-Americans: A Text Reconstruction Program for Improving Writing, Reading, and Reasoning Skills, says:
"Text Reconstruction is a powerful method for improving writing, reasoning, and reading skills.  Working through these exercises strengthens a student's ability to write papers with fewer spelling and grammar errors, and with better logical organization.
In addition, I believe it would be useful for all students to read these biographies and learn about the history of racial discrimination in America -- the discrimination that Satchel Paige and Marian Anderson encountered, that Thurgood Marshall, Dr. King, and Jesse Jackson fought -- in order to better understand the need for continued vigilance to ensure that prejudice in educational and economic opportunities can no longer exist.
It would also be useful for all students to read these biographies to learn about the work of black Americans such as Charles Drew and Garrett Morgan, so that they would see the contributions to human progress that African-Americans can make if given a fair chance."
Dr. Eugene Williams Sr., Director
Potential National Merit Scholars Program
Washington, D.C.

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