Jadakiss Seperates Himself From Drug Charges

After first being named the owner of the apartment in a drug bust, Yonkers rapper JadaKiss is now distancing himself from the recent incident that took place at his home in New York.

Despite it being his property, Kiss is insisting that he had no kind of involvement in the stash of drugs, and weapons that was found in his apartment during a police raid on Aug 21st.
The police received a search warrant for the apartment, after they arrested two men who were in a car right outside of the building on drug charges. The officers entered the apartment and found a stash of heroin, marijuana and over $40,000 in cash.
Jada, who is on tour and was not home at the time, is not currently wanted in connection to the bust, and stated the incident was an unfortunate situation that had nothing to do with him.

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