Ghostface Killah Blames Jay-Z For "Killing" Song

Ghostface Killah is pointing the finger at Jay-Z's D.O.A., blaming the rapper's song for putting a hurting on his Ron Browz assisted She's A Killer. Ghost revealed his feelings to Best of Both Offices, saying he although he understands Jay's stance on the subject, he's still a bit salty about what the record and subsequent movement did to his record.
"I had Ron Browz on it," Ghost said about the track. "It was about a co-defendant of mine, she was real sexy and putting in work, real pretty and she'll slay you. She'll rock you to sleep and get whatever you got. She'd do anything, everybody liked her -- We let it out but then your boy Jay-Z came with that f*cking Death of [Autotune] sh*t and vocalled the sh*t and smashed my f*cking joint, you know what I mean? He smashed my sh*t with that sh*t, I understand, I felt like how Jay felt but when I did the record, I didn't care about all that sh*t, 'cause I'm just worried about me. So when he came with that sh*t, that 'Death of' a lot of deejays were on that 'Yeah yeah,' sucking his d*ck. And now left your boy out there with a record that would have been bubbling on some other sh*t though, you know what I mean? It's all good though."

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