12 Month Warranty On All Warranty By Default Covers Repair
The Jotwice-ent warranty means we will repair your faulty item for free and send it back to you for free. Other compensation is not normally available. If an item is impossible to repair to a good working condition we will credit you instead.

Shipping via Air Mail. Online Tracking. 7 - 15 days to major destinations.

PLEASE READ All Cellphones Must Work on a GSM Frequency. If You Don't have a GSM Phone After You Read This You Will.

The two major suppliers of GSM service in the US are currently T-Mobile, and Cingular. Note that the merger between AT&T and Cingular has now been essentially completed, and so for new service your choice is essentially either
T-Mobile or Cingular.

Which network does my cell phone company use?
Alltel: CDMA
Cingular: GSM and TDMA*
Nextel: iDEN**
Sprint PCS: CDMA
T-Mobile: GSM
U.S. Cellular: CDMA
Verizon: CDMA

Dual Powered 5.0M Pixel Digital Camera - 3 Function Modes$167.93

Simple Slim Cell Phone - Dual Sim Cell Phone With Electric torch Function$89.36

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