$3,5000C & E Hornback Crocodile Carryall Bag

Exotic Hornback Crocodile carryall bag from the exclusive C & E collection, featuring a hand stitched strap! Flap of bag is Crocodile King Tail from the Nile! Retails for $8500. May be custom ordered in any color!

A model presents a creation by US designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton during the autumn/winter 2009 ready-to-wear collection show in Paris

Idylle Ruffle Tote, Handbag of the Day
The Idylle Ruffle Tote was designed for those who feel the urge to carry what looks like a big pair of ruby red lips on their shoulder. Okay, so I can't say that for sure but it certainly looks that way from here. Bright, vibrant red is a trend this fall and here it is in smooth patent leather with ruffles aplenty, tonal topstitching, and side pockets with tassels. Also available in black for if you're feeling a little less than brave this season. $1,245



Revealing New Layers of African Fashion

When people talk about layering they are usually referring to clothes. But the layers of meaning were piled on thick Friday at the Bryant Park tents, where the hastily formed African Fashion Collective staged a show that aimed to dispel some of the hoary clich├ęs that cling to a continent as obscure as ever, in some ways, to the West.

Anybody tuned into fashion knows that sub-Saharan Africa is currently in vogue (and in Vogue). Last year the Paris runways were packed with references to a place that, unless you are Muammar el-Qadaffi, can hardly be thought of as a unified entity.

That Is A Bad Dress And Heels


These are Hot


Miami, FL: Hot mamacita! Latin pop princess Paulina Rubio attends the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in a racy black lace dress.

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