50 Cent Responds about Jay-Z Verse on 'Flight 187,' American Idol Decides on New Celebrity Judge

New York, NY – Sometime last week, it was reported that Shady/Aftermath artist, 50 Cent, released a track entitled ‘Flight 187’off of a new mixtape in a slew of mixtapes he has been releasing in the past couple of months. On that track, it was initially thought that the G-Unit General was taking blatant shots at the icon Jay-Z.
On the verse, 50 spits:
"Jay rockin' that Urkel look, isn't he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he's talking like a Yardie."
To many people it sounds like he was dissing Jay-Z, but according to 50, there is no beef and that wasn’t a diss. He recently spoke to MTV News as they inquired about the lyrics in question.

This Is The Song And Video What Do You Think

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