C-Murder Plans To Appeal Murder Conviction — Friends Cite Racism In Judicial System

After losing his battle in court over a second-degree murder charge, in which he received a life sentence, rapper C-Murder revealed this week that he plans to appeal the conviction. But, he must file within 30 days. Close friends and business associates of the rapper believe the conviction is unfounded and say racism is the heart of the issue.
"Corey Miller's life has been at the mercy of racist politicians in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana," said Tomeka, a recording artist on C-Murder's TRU label. "It is time that the public is educated on how this case was handled, and how an innocent man has been put behind bars because he is an African American rapper whose case is unfortunately being tried in Jefferson Parish. The racists have gone so far as to put up a billboard stating Corey Miller is guilty.
"So many illegal events have taken place with this case that the State Supreme Court overturned his conviction due to actions by prosecuting attorneys. In most states, these attorneys would have been disbarred," she continued.

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