Is Diddy Trying To Sign Raekwon & Ghostface To Bad Boy?

Is it the truth or not the truth? Somebody ask Raekwon and Ghostface is Diddy signing both to Bad Boy. Over the weekend at the VMA Radio Forum, MTV asked Rae about that plaguing rumor if Diddy ever wanted Rae and Ghost to his label.

Rae stated to MTV, "I heard that too. We did a show at the Palladium [years back], and Puff had security with him that was from Staten Island. When we got back to Staten Island, we bump into the kid, and he told us while he was up there performing, Puff said, 'I need them two. What I gotta do?' He was excited about working with us [and] signing us too. I don't know why it ain't happen, either. You never know. Maybe he may want to do that now. I'm independent, baby. So let's get it right. Let's cut them checks, Puff. We know what time it is!"

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* ! zodiac ! * at: September 18, 2009 at 7:07 PM said...

OH GOSH!!! diddy needs artists cuz after a while they end up leaving him (112, b5, faith evens, danity kane, d-block,total and soon day 26) so if he is tryin to sign them they just gonna end up leaving, notice how he ALWAYS got a tv show? (making the band, diddy's starmaker, making his band) bad boy needs artists but it would be a dumb move to sign with him


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