Lady Sovereign Fined For Spitting in Bouncer's Face

British rapper Lady Sovereign was fined $400 in court on Saturday (September 26) after pleading guilty to spitting in a bouncer's face in a nightclub in Australia.
According to the AFP, the 23-year-old rapper born Louise Harman got into a fight in a bathroom of a Brisbane city nightclub during the early morning hours of Saturday, and became irate when she was booted.
In the aftermath, she got into an argument with a bouncer, and spit in his face. She was "hysterical" and her "emotions got away on her," police told Brisbane Magistrates Court.
Magistrate Brendan Butler said spitting had "serious health implications" and fined her $400, 200 of which was to be paid to the bouncer as compensation.
A conviction was not charged in the incident.
Lady Sov was in town for the Parklife music festival, where she was scheduled to perform on Saturday afternoon.
The rapper broke into the U.S. with her debut album Public Warning, released on Def Jam back in 2006, after then-president Jay-Z signed her as the first British rapper signed to the label.
After a three-year break, she released her sophomore album, Jigsaw, in April through her own Midget Records.

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