Fabolous Hospitalized; Possibly Food Poisoning

Fabolous was rushed to the hospital on Saturday (September 26), after he believed he suffered food poisoning.
Rumors of his hospitalization spread across the Internet over the weekend, after fans and friends offered prayers on their Twitter pages, saying the rapper had been in an accident. Fab took to his own Twitter account later to explain.
According to the Fabolous, he "started feeling very sick" while driving, so he pulled over, called an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital.
"I was not in a car accident, but I think i know where it started," Fab tweeted. "I was drivin' yesterday morning and started feeling very sick and felt like I was gon pass out while driving. I veered off two the side of the road, had a ambulance called and they picked me up from the side of the road. Maybe that's where the car accident confusion came from."
Shortly after he further elaborated, revealing that he thinks he was poisoned, but didn't explain much further.
"Believed I was poisoned, so I checked in and was given medical treatment," Fabolous wrote. "A lil sedated, so I didn't tweet but was released to go late last night."
He eased fans worries, saying he's "just a lil sick" and going to "shake it off."

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