Rick Ross Robbed By Female Fans

  Rick Ross got jacked by some of his biggest fans while partying at a hotel.

Now we know that rappers are not only robbed during concerts by thugs in the crowd who snatch the bling from around their necks.  In addition to having tight security during shows, they might need to add them to after parties at hotels.  Why you ask?

Earlier this summer, four females who mingled with Rick Ross at a downtown Hilton hotel in Nashville, Tennesse, stole at least $60,000 worth of jewelry and a laptop computer.  The young females attracted the rapper's attention during an after party at the hotel after Rick finished performing a show in the city.

Information on how the ladies gained access to the room has not been released. There is now a reward out for anyone who can give the police any leads on how to capture and arrest the four groupies. A video with footage of the ladies at the hotel and are encourage people with information to call Nashville police. 

 Party Crashers My Ass

Look At This Hoe

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