Rick Ross is undoubtedly having a tough year especially when it comes to his pockets. As previously reported he had $60,000 worth of jewelry and a laptop stolen by groupies after performing a concert in Tennessee back in June. Now his baby momma and virtually arch-enemy, Tia Kemp, is getting what she’s asked for all along, money. A federal judge ordered Ross real name, William Roberts, to pay Tia Kemp child support for their son William Roberts III. Tia has made it no secret that she hasn’t received a dime from Ross and been adamant about her hate for her former lover. She’s even gone so far to team up with his latest rival, 50 Cent for a barrage of interviews discrediting his name. The woman scorned is taking things to a new level however with her latest collabo with the rapper. She’s attacking the bawse’s ego and appearing on two covers of Smooth Magazine with 50, posing with her best…ahem, features in his face. Inside the magazine will be a feature on Kemp by Cent, who worked as guest editor on the project.
Rapper Rick Ross appeared in court on Monday (September 21) as part of an ongoing child-support battle with his former ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp.
According to reports, Ross appeareda at the Broward County Court House, where was ordered to pay temporary child support and health coverage for his son William Roberts III.
The rapper was also granted visitation rights during the hearing and was ordered to pay Kemp’s legal bills in regards to the matter as well.
Kemp has consistently blasted Rick Ross on her Twitter page, accusing the chart-topping rapper of being a dead beat dad.
“I’m tired of men bragging about what they are and what they have but they’re not even man enough to take care of their kids,” Kemp Twittered in August.
More recently, on September 14, Kemp blasted Ross on their son’s birthday.
“Let’s see if his lame ass father actually grows enough ball and at least call to wish his son a happy birthday,” Kemp Tweeted. Tia Kemp has one child by Rick Ross.

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