Celebrities In Financial Trouble

Bad boy rapper Soulja Boy is facing eviction after breaking the rules of his tenancy agreement and falling almost $10,000 behind in rent payments.

In March rap superstar Snoop Dogg had a tax lien filed against him, which accused the rapper of owing $284,053.59 in back taxes in California.

Nicolas Cage is facing a $2 million lawsuit for allegedly breaching contract on an agreed monthly sum to East West Bank. It's another financial blow for the star - IRS officials reportedly filed tax lien documents against Cage this summer, alleging the star failed to pay $6,257,005 to cover his income tax in 2007.

Bruder Construction filed a $674,043 lien against Pamela Anderson for costs including labor, materials and sub-contractors' fees, for renovation work on her Malibu, California home. The government is also allegedly owed $252,360 by Anderson for an unpaid income tax bill.

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