Lindsay Lohan's Family Is Planning an Intervention

Days after Michael Lohan spoke out about his famous daughter Lindsay's addiction to prescription drugs, comes word that the entire Lohan clan wants to stage an intervention for the troubled starlet.
"I had a conversation with her, her mother and everyone…over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be doing things in a pretty public way," Michael told "But Dina has got to get on the same page with me. It's a serious situation. You can't just talk about it and tell me that you want to do an intervention and then do nothing."
Michael previously revealed what has been the cause of his daughter's downward spiral and gaunt appearance.
"I'm going to get her off the prescription drugs that she's on," he claimed. "I hate it when people talk about illegal drug abuse... because it's not just drinking and illegal drugs that kill you. Prescription drugs can destroy and kill a person and are sometimes harder to stop. Look at Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson."

He added, "You know why Lindsay's not acting in feature films right now? Because she can't. Because the girl with all the talent is hidden and buried deep inside this fungus that's grown because of the prescription drugs. She can't be herself. When you hug her she's like, vacant inside."
According to a source, the 23-year-old actress has been relying on a multitude of prescription medications, including Adderall (used for Attention Deficit Disorder), the anti-depressant Zoloft, anti-anxiety and bi-polar drugs.
Despite the backlash from those who say Michael is betraying his daughter's privacy by speaking to the media, Papa Lohan is confident in his parenting skills.
"When Lindsay doesn't adhere or listen to what I say about serious situations, I feel I have to speak publicly to put pressure on her," he said. "If she doesn't take my advice and do what I say…the more pressure I put on her, the more likely she is to eventually do the right thing."

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