New Scene from New Moon

Attention, New Moon fans currently covering your feet:
Prepare for some cold toes... because the video below will knock your socks off!
In a newly-released clip from the Twilight Saga sequel, Taylor Lautner introduces a major scene from the film: Jacob's transformation into a werewolf, as the character comes to Bella's rescue.
While previous New Moon trailers have only showed snippets of scenes from the movie, this is the first extended look at a significant development in it.
We hope and pray the studio doesn't force YouTube to remove the clip, as it will merely build more excitement for the blockbuster. If that's even possible, of course...

As readers of the Twilight Saga novels know, Lautner's Jacob plays a prominent role in New Moon. Even more so than Robert Pattinson's Edward.
Based on the video above, though, we're confident he can pull it off. I can't wait for November 20. Can you?!?

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Anonymous at: October 20, 2009 at 6:38 PM said...

OMFG!!! I SOO CNT WAIT!!! Imma twilight series fan!!! Da book is amazing


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