Was Gary Coleman's Death . . . An ACCIDENT . . . Or FOUL PLAY???

A member of Gary Coleman's EXTENDED family reached out to us because she has some QUESTIONS surrounding the death of Gary Coleman. According to that family member, the police in Utah are NOT investigating the death of Gary, so that can rule out HOMICIDE as the cause of his death. And that has Gary's kin worried.

Here's why it is potentially a problem. Right now, Gary's wife Shannon Price was reportedly ALONE in the home with Gary when he suffered a VERY SERIOUS head injury. A hew hours later, Gary fell into a coma. And Shannon - being his next of kin - decided to remove him from life support, ending his life.

Why is this problematic? Well because Shannon has a history of VIOLENCE against Gary. Last year, Shannon who is nearly a foot taller than her celebrity husband was ARRESTED for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against him. She later plead GUILTY to the offense.

Knowing those facts, Gary's family member asked that MediaTakeOut.com do WHAT WE
COULD to make sure that ALL AVENUES are explored in Gary's death. The kin explained, "I don't want to accuse Shannon of anything, but I would like a full investigation before any possible evidence gets cold."

What do you guys think, should the police INVESTIGATE Gary's death???

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Hair and Beyond at: May 29, 2010 at 6:51 PM said...

My mom died 8 years ago today from a brain injury/ brain bleed. I don't know the term for garys type of brain injury, I don't think however that you can turn a simple brain bleed into foul play. I don't know what happened to gary I do know that brain bleeds happen when the brain shifts and most times there is no outside appearence that it has. Maybe his family should talk to the docs and find out what causes what he had happen.


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