Wacka Flocka Admits He Cant't Rap Or Listen To His Music


 Wacka Flocka revealed a lot about himself and in a recent interview with the Source magazine. He gave a lot of insight into the dumbed-down flow that dominates rap in the music industry. He admitted that he can't rap or freestyle and apparently doesn't want to. "I can't even listen to my music all day, I'd be hype as f**k all day...I wanna listen to a ni**a that can really rap so I can sit in the car and ride to it." He compared himself really rhyming hot lines to traffic, saying its so many people "super better" than him that if he tried to rap he'd have to get in the back of that line. He said that's like getting stuck in Rush hour traffic when he could just take a "short cut" and create his own lane by doing what he does. What exactly does Wacka Flock do if he admits that he can't rap? "I came to get your party started. I'm like Kid N Play, I just come to get your party started. I ain't come to make lines, that's what rappers' for. I'm a party starter...that's it. If your party's dead, I'm a come hype it up and leave."

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