Suit Against Rick Ross Thrown Out of Court

Teflon Don to be released on schedule
Rick Ross revealed through Twitter that the suit levied against him by the real Rick Ross, who was a drug lord, mind you, has been tossed out of court and his new album Teflon Don is on schedule to be released as originally planned, so record execs, fans and Ross himself can breathe a wee bit easier tonight.

The suit tried to file an injunction against the album's July 20 release date and claimed that the star had used the real Rick Ross' identity to further his own fame. It was a whole lot of drama relating to copyright infringement and shit like that.

Ross had previously told the press that he was not worried about the lawsuit and compared it to the ups and downs of owning a restaurant. And hey, isn't that what lawyers are for? To worry about lawsuits for their clients? 

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