50 Cent Loses "EastEnders"

50 Cent is one peculiar fellow. One day he’s terrorizing poor little Shyne on the radio, and the next day he wants to star in BBC soap operas! HipHollywood has learned the rapper-turned-actor recently confirmed he’d scored a one-time appearance on the popular BBC drama, “EastEnders.” His exact role hadn’t been defined yet, but there were talks of a criminal mastermind or even a secret lover angle. However, the reps for “EastEnders” know nothing about 50’s role….
“I really wanted Peggy [Mitchell] to throw me out of her pub, but I didn’t get it organized quick enough and it’s too late now,” he joked, referencing the departure of the show’s longtime star, Barbara Windsor. “I’ve performed with Eminem and Justin Timberlake, acted with De Niro and Pacino, had a guest spot on ‘The Simpsons’ – in the U.S. a sign that you’ve made it to the very top, but I can’t fulfill my biggest showbiz dream.”
And it looks like that dream will stay unfulfilled because a rep for “EastEnders” stated “'We're flattered he's a fan but there have been no talks about him appearing in the show.”
He Got to Shake His Hood  Mantatily

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