Bishop Eddie Long's Followers WILL THEY STAY TRUE?

We watched Jimmy Swaggart weep, we watched Jim Baker apologize and we watched their flock stand at their side despite admissions that they did exactly what they preached against to their congregation.
So if you are waiting for followers at the suburban Atlanta New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to rebel against a leader who appears to have engaged in the most hypocritical behavior possible, you may have a long time to tarry.
First of all, none of the charges against Long have been proven. At this point, it's his word against those of the four young men.
Second, church is all about redemption. No matter the crime or transgression, a sinner is supposed to always be able to find refuge in the church, and that's exactly what Long needs.
It is interesting that during his first public comments on the scandal, Long never exactly denied the charges. He simply said he was not the man who was being characterized in the news media.
He also added that he was going to fight the charges that he abused his "spiritual authority."
Parsing the bishop's words might not provide an accurate picture of what is going on in this messy case of he said.
All I know is that I would have a much more sympathetic view of Bishop Eddie Long had he not been such an anti-gay crusader, leading marches against gay rights legislation and talking down the gay lifestyle at every opportunity.
But even if Bishop Long is revealed to have taken advantage of his authority as church leader with any of these four men, I'm sure he will continue to enjoy huge popularity and influence if he just says he's sorry.

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