Star High School Quarterback Dies After Touchdown (VIDEO)

In Orange, Texas, West Orange-Stark senior quarterback Reggie Garrett had walked to the sidelines after throwing his second touchdown pass of the night against Jasper.

All of the sudden, Garrett collapsed. Dan Hooks, Garrett's head coach, told the Huffington Post that it appeared Garrett had a seizure.
As the senior was loaded in the ambulance, fans clapped and shouted encouragement towards the young quarterback, praying for an outcome that, unfortunately, never came.
At 9:30pm, Garrett was pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Baptist-Orange Hospital.
This is a story that no one wants to see. It's a story we don't want to read about. It's a story that makes us pray that much harder for his family, keeping them in our thoughts as they deal with a tragedy and search for an answer.
Garrett, and his family, aren't the only ones who have suffered a tragedy like this one. We've become all too familiar with this kind of a story, and this kind of an ending.
However, there are flip sides to a story like this. There are players who have beaten the odds, who were supposed to have been paralyzed for the remainder of their lives,  but rose and walked again.
Here's a list of 10 players who have suffered an incredible tragedy and have either beaten the odds, or the odds got the best of them.

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