Inner city team teaches life skills through football


A local youth football team has provided a safe outlet for young boys living in the inner city for the past nine years.

The Kansas City Bulldogs football team teaches life skills to student athletes living in an area that has been labeled with the most homicides of young black males in the U.S.

However, the team does not turn away any child wanting to participate.

Children have traveled from Smithville, Liberty, Lee's Summit, Raymore and Gladstone because of the mentorship the team provides.

Head coach Steve Brown, along with his coaching staff, has been working with the fatherless kids, teaching life skills and team building.

"The team means a lot to me. Each member of the team I look as one of my own kids. The reason I started the league back in 2003 was because I noticed the underachievement and lack of discipline from our youth in the community," said Brown.

The football team is part of Blue Springs Youth Association League.

The Bulldogs football team is in need of new helmets and shoulder pads for this year and is putting together a fish dinner to raise money.

A location and time has not been set.

For more information on the Bulldogs football team, click here.

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