Teen Claims Cop Grabbed Her Rear End

A Belton teen says that she doesn't feel safe in her town anymore after she says a Belton Police officer in uniform touched her inappropriately in an incident that was caught on surveillance camera.

Taylor Smith, 18, says that the incident happened two months ago at a Belton Quik-Trip। She says that she was talking to her boyfriend, who was working behind the counter, when she received an unwelcome pat on the rear end.

"It was like a hand, like someone just walked around me and just touched," said Smith. "I turned around and there was this cop."

Smith says that she was stunned, but was shocked even more by what the officer said as he walked out the door.

"He goes, 'cell phone' and I turned around and was like, 'What are you takling about, I dont have my phone on me'," said Smith, who says that the officer then smiled at her and walked out the door.

"You can't just touch someone like that. They are supposed to be there to protect you. Definitely touching me isn't the way to make me feel like they are there to help me in the future," said Smith, who says that she contacted a lawyer the next day. A month later, the lawyer filed notice with the city that Smith would sue if the city didn't reach a settlement with her.

Neither the Belton Police Department or city attorney returned FOX 4's request for comment on Friday.

The lawyer says that the city has acknowledged his letter, but that's all. He says the city has not said if any disciplinary action has been taken or who the officer is.

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