Brandy Speaks On Kim Kardashian Bashing Bandwagon

Brandy has reportedly jumped on the Kim Kardashian bashing bandwagon over Tyler Perry casting her in his film, The Marriage Counselor. We should note that Brandy was also casted in the film - which is why it's hard to believe this rumor. Here's what a source told the National Enquirer that Brandy allegedly stated,

"Brandy is telling friends that she's furious with Tyler Perry. She feels that Tyler purposely cast both her and Kim in the film because it would generate a lot of buzz." *Seems like a smart move on Perry's part, no?*

The source continued,

"She's told anyone who'll listen that she hates working with Kim and she doesn't want to be anywhere near her. Brandy has even asked the production people to give her a heads-up if Kim is on the set because she doesn't want to run into the wannabe movie star."

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