JetLev R200 Jetpacks (PICS)

 While jetpacks are must-haves for superheroes with no superhuman powers – like Iron Man and the Rocketeer – it’s not often that the rest of us get a chance to shoot through the sky with a propulsion device strapped to our backs. Available for just under $100K, the JetLev R200 Jetpack provides a maximum thrust of 430 lbs, allowing a 150 lb. pilot to propel at speeds of up to 22 mph and heights of 28 ft. The packs’ power source, perhaps the most innovative part of the machine, is derived from low-pressure, high-flow H2O delivered from a tethered hose attached to a small boat unit, meaning you can only use the pack over a body of water. You’ll definitely get wet, but should something go wrong, it’s better than slamming into concrete at 30 miles an hour.

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