Kid Rock Performd Kansas City Midland Theatre 11/29/11 And helps needy families in KC(Video)

Kid Rock rocked the Midland Tuesday night, and now the proceeds from the show are helping needy families in Kansas City.

Kansas City is one of 12 cities where Kid Rock is donating $375,000, and it is all inspired by his song, "Care."
"Knowing that I have this song, 'Care,' it was going to be a single. I thought, man, wouldn't it be cool to go out and try to touch people in other cities and I do something nice for other cities and do something nice based on this on the song," Kid Rock said.
All of the money from the tour is being given away.
In Kansas City it's going to Helping Hands Ministries and El Centro.
"Over and over again, when there is a story or great need, this community responds, and I'm really pleased to be part of the community," said Mary Lou Jaramillo, the executive director of El Centro.
This time the need is fire victim Claudia Gonzales. She was badly burned in a house fire while trying to save her family. After Kid Rock heard Gonzales' story, he donated an extra $10,000 to her.

"The funds that you provide and community members who have provided fund raising opportunities to help her. El Centro will help her regain her life," said Jaramillo to Kid Rock.
The money given to Helping Hands will go to the Hill family.
Chris Hill's wife is undergoing cancer treatment and the family's insurance runs out at the end of the year.
"It's something for several months I have been truly worked up about, knowing that at the end of the year our insurance is simply unobtainable," Hill said.
He couldn't believe what he was hearing when Helping Hands called Monday.
"I had to pull over. I was a bit dumbfounded. It was so timely and so needed. I really couldn't fathom the true blessing of it all," said Hill.
Kid Rock says he hopes to inspire his fans to give what they can to help, especially with the holidays approaching.

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