Kris Humphries AND THE Naked Yoga Teacher

NBA player Kris Humphries walking in on wife Kim Kardashian's nude yoga class with a naked male instructor may have helped fuel the blowup of the couple's short-lived marriage, according to ABC News.
The former New Jersey Nets player and the reality TV star were shown bickering frequently during Sunday's premiere of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" on E! network, notes ABC's Andrea Canning.
But what really seems to bug Humphries during the episode is walking in on Kim, Kourtney and friends practicing yoga in the couple's hotel suite with a nude male instructor. 



He tripping I would have Divorced he right after this

When Kim berates Kris for treating her friends disrespectfully, he yells: "How rude is it that there's a naked guy in my house when I walk home?" She counters: "You are so immature, I can't take it."
Of course, this is the "reality" TV. The yoga session could have been as phony and staged as many people believe their made-for-the-media marriage was. But later on, Kris tells his bride he's to going home to Minnesota to train for the upcoming NBA season.

So much for the marriage. Kardashian filed for divorce after 72 days. With a tentative deal in place to end the NBA lockout, Humphries will be a free agent this season.

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