LSA Architects have created a house in Melbourne, Australia

LSA Architects have created a house in Melbourne, Australia that the words modern and contemporary don’t do enough to describe.  The South Yarra House encompasses a broad mix of architectural styles that are aimed at providing a residence that makes a statement within the eclectic South Yarra Street neighborhood.
The home that is north-south oriented is composed of an orange box that can be observed from the street but upon entering into the house the ceiling gives away to a wide open home and makes the subject forget its boxy exterior form.  The bright home is equipped with plenty of windows and solar panels that channel energy to the home and back to the grid for energy efficiency.  Take a look at the home in our gallery below and visit LSA Architects online for more exciting projects from the firm.
Ok If you looke close at the neighbors must be mad.

LSA Design, Inc. has developed an expertise in providing land-use, transit and parking solutions. Disciplines include land-use and transit planning, architecture, and landscape architecture.

Founded in 1988, LSA initially provided feasibility studies, site selection, and concept design for local municipalities and transit agencies in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area. Growing alongside the local opt-out transit agencies formed in the late 1980's, we built upon these planning and landscape architecture services. We became skillful in locating and securing funding and financing opportunities to aid these projects, especially through the FTA / FHWA transportation funding programs, ISTEA and TEA-21. As our clients' transit service and facility needs increased, architecture and engineering was added to our firm, providing the ability to implement physical expansion. In 2002, parking consulting was incorporated, and shortly thereafter, transit planning - both of which provide a much greater depth to our service capabilities.

LSA designed and developed the Burnsville Transit Station and SouthWest Station, the first successful public / private transit-oriented development projects in Minnesota.

LSA Design, Inc.   219 North Second Street, Suite 302, Minneapolis, MN 55401   612.339.8729

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