Rico Love

Rico Love is one of the hottest producers of today’s music, with creditability for a lot of numBEr one hits such as Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” and “Daddy’s Home”, Diddy-Dirty Money’s, “Hello, Good Morning”, and BEyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” off her platinum selling album, “I am…Sasha Fierce”, that has gone on to win 5 Grammy’s of which Love wrote and produced on. With so much talent and compassion for what he does, it’s not surprising to know that Love won three 2010 Billboard awards for BEst Songwriter, Producer, and Publisher of the Year as well as 2011 SESAC Award Winner for BEst Songwriter of the Year! At the tender age of 28, the man can’t BE stopped!

Rico Love has stated that he does not write lyrics down; he simply listens to the BEat and then lets the lyrics find him.

Rico Love first sought a career as a songwriter after the encouragement from Usher, who later signed Love to his US records/J records after hearing some of Love’s work and like what he heard. While touring with Usher, this led to other artists hearing his work, and Love soon BEgan to receive requests from artist such Chris Brown and Omarion. With his success as a songwriter, Love has went on to start his own Record LaBEl, Division1 , which partnered with Universal Motown, were Love has signed artist such as Young Chris, Cherlise, and Tierra Marie. Love has also BEen featured as an artist on other artists records, such as T.I. Jamie Foxx, Fat Joe, and more recently Kelly Rowland (for which he also writes and produces for).

With all this success, its only right for the world to wonder what is next for the young businessman. His own clothing line? Or mayBE a club establishment? I guess we have to wait and see! He is certainly a man on his grind that has a great passion for his craft, and an even greater ear for music.

Check out Rico Love’s production company at www.division1.com and make sure you follow him on twitter @iamricolove.

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