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Justin Bieber has just released the music video for the age-old Christmas classic, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The song is instantly recognizable, but Justin has put his own stamp on the Yuletide track by jazzing it up, making it sound very modern. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is one song known by parents, grandparents and their ancestors, and it is great to see one of the idols of the world's young people introducing them to a song that should be passed down their generations.

So what if the tempo is a little different! The lyrics remain the same, and the message of behaving well and doing the right thing is being promoted. And at Christmas time, everybody needs to do the right thing or Santa won't come.

The music video is a claymation style clip. Very cleverly, Justin Bieber has been claymated and the action figure sings, dances and acts throughout the story. The theme of planning for Christmas Day shows the Justin figure making all the preparations of "checking the list", and seeing "who's naughty and nice". The reindeer help Santa (er…Justin) as they always do, and transport the big man in red with all his gifts on his big journey on Christmas Eve.

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is another track released off Justin Bieber's new Christmas album Under the Mistletoe. Earlier, the classic Yuletide carol "Silent Night" (also from the Mistletoe album) made the world famous young singer even more popular when he released it sung as it should be sung - no changes in lyrics, no variations in tempo, just "Silent Night" sung with only the backing of a piano.

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