Volvo sketches out XC90 successor

Volvo has given the world an idea of what its next-generation XC90 might look like. Make that four ideas. The Swedish automaker has released a volley of design sketches that portray the variety of directions that the company could take with the popular crossover once it goes under the knife. The model has soldiered on with precious few changes since 2002, which means that it's high time for a makeover. Reports suggest that the next interpretation of the Swedish softroader will bow in 2014, and when it does, it will likely come riding on Volvo's so-called Scalable Platform Architecture.

Odds are we can say goodbye to torque-happy inline five-cylinder engine options, too. Volvo has already made it clear that the company will only offer forced-induction four-cylinder engines (or smaller) moving forward, and Car and Driver has indicated that a hybrid version may bow in the near future as well. What else do we know about the XC90 successor? Not much beyond the four sketches in our gallery, but they do look like something interesting is in store.

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