The White House Band Interview with The Wacky Delly

Recently The White House Band sat down with us to chop it up about how the band came together, its success so far, the future plans for the band as well as a few other subjects that help you understand them a little better if you are not already familiar with them.
How did the White House Band come together?:

It Started out as 4 piece band, but eventually I went solo to pursue my own personal interest of music with a style involving rock and rap then eventually formed another band with this style I was looking for.
Why did you choose the name “The White House Band”?

Being from the D.C. area I wanted pay homage to the nations capital and do something to represent the city .
What messages do you try to send through your music?

I don’t really care for sending messages, it’s just not that important to me. I’m more focused on entertaining my audiences through my performances.
How does it feel to have such rapid success in already being featured on, and other sites like ours just after a year from the formation of the group?

I’m satisfied with the success thus far, having my second video featured on MTV and performing shows in these big venues but I’m always looking for more ways to increase my success.
What was the process in coming up with the name of your self-made genre, “New Vogue”?

I was sitting down with my team one day and we didn’t really know how to categorize our own music and we didn’t really want to seem like we were copying anybody else so we made “New Vogue” to create our own lane and do something that has never been done before.
How do you go about choosing what will be portrayed in your music videos? (Because the “Wasup” and “Over Here” were both extremely elaborate, and had awesome cinematography and editing.)

Hiring a good director and making sure the all the money is handled correctly. I always pick unique directors who stay away from the typical rap style videos on a small budget and have high production value at the same time to give great live performances in the videos.
What can fans expect in the near future from The White House Band?

Basically I will be performing bigger shows and doing shows for bigger artist and I am no longer doing full albums anymore, just putting out individual songs from now on and hoping to move 20,000 records by the end of next year and it can be done so just look out for that.

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