Wiz Khalifa Signs Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J

Wiz Khalifa has slowly been beefing up the roster on his Taylor Gang imprint, and his latest addition to the crew is Three Six Mafia rapper, Juicy J. During an interview with DJ Scream this week, the Memphis, Tennessee native confirmed that he’s signed to Wiz’s label and revealed that there’s already a collaboration album in the works. This news came just a few hours after the release of Juicy J’s new single “Stoners Night Pt. 2” featuring Wiz Khalifa. 

“Juicy J is now with Taylor Gang, we goin’ in this year man. 2012, we goin’ in,” he said during his interview with Hood Rich Radio. “We got a compilation album we’re doing, when you hear it, you’re going to be like ‘Wow’” “Stoners Night Pt. 2” is the lead single from Juicy J’s new mixtape Blue Dream & Lean, out on November 29. That compilation album is due out in 2012.

Prior to Juicy J, Wiz’s most recent addition to Taylor Gang was model-turned-rapper Lola Monroe, who was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at this year’s BET Awards.

 Fershgenet Melaku aka Angel Melaku aka Angel Lola Luv or Lola Luv (born October 25, 1986) is a hip-hop model of Ethiopian descent who has often occurred in urban journals Melaku quickly became popular for its often questioned and much rumored to fake physical assets, she appeared on BET's fashion show Rip the runway and won their Video Vixen of the Year in April 2007 she appeared on the cover of Black Men magazine and was named the new "It Girl" of 2007 Issues of authenticity Angel's body was in the past pictures surface of her earlier days as a model that showed a clearly less curvy appeal

LoLa Monroe is officially Taylored. The video vixen-turned-rapper has announced her signing to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang label.
“We got it in with Taylor Gang. We Taylored now,” the 25-year-old femcee told Greg Street on Atlanta’s V-103.

She explained why she decided to sign with the “Black and Yellow” rapper. “Wiz is like a positive free individual that’s about his business and that matches everything I’ve created on my side,” she said. “When he reached out, he was like, ‘I feel as though our movements represent the same thing, so I want you to rep Taylor Gang.’ And I agreed, so it’s only right. Plus, out of all the situations that came to me, my business instincts and just the comfort level, I felt it was just the right move with him. He’s a stand-up dude and it just felt right.”

LoLa, who was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at this year’s BET Awards, is prepping her debut album and will drop a new single in November. “It’s gon’ be crazy.”
She is also working on two new mixtapes including Crown Ain’t Safe, hosted by DJ Ill Will.

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