Beyonce Sued over New Perfume

Beyonce Knowles is being sued by clothing firm Abercrombie and Fitch over her soon-to-launch perfume line.

The R&B star recently signed with the fragrance giant Coty to launch a line of perfumes in 2010. Apparently, the big bosses of Abercrombie are worried that the line from Beyonce or Sasha Fierce would infringe on its own Fierce fragrance brand, even though Coty said it had no plans of using the Sasha Fierce name with the new Beyonce perfume.
According to papers filed in Ohio, Abercrombie has held a trademark for the word ‘fierce’ since 2003. Since Beyonce’s recent album is entitled “I Am… Sasha Fierce,” the company claims that Beyonce would unfairly benefit from the reputation Abercrombie had built for their scent, probably even confusing customers into thinking it was associated with Beyonce’s fragrance. The company also believes that this potential confusion could deprive it of control over its trademark and ultimately cost it sales.
As for Coty, the company released a statement saying, “The terms Fierce and Sasha Fierce are not being used as names of a Beyonce fragrance. Details related to the fragrance, including the official name, will be revealed prior to the launch in early 2010.”
Abercrombie sells Fierce at more than 350 retail stores, having sold more than $190m worth of the fragrance since it was launched in 2002.

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